Today’s Collective Wisdom is Misguided at Best; Negligent at Worst

Given recent, more frequent and more malicious attacks against cities such as Dallas and Atlanta as well as the 60 Minutes episode last Sunday on 20 US States who were public targets for voter system attacks by unabashed bad actors; we have reached THE tipping point. Airlines, retailers, and utilities are under attack. In fact, our democracy is under attack. And, the collective wisdom is misguided at best; negligent at worst.

” The current approach of using artificial intelligence, increased staff and vulnerability response management are clearly insufficient and proving so with regularity.”

Given the ambitious laudable economic development goals of many cities in utilizing strategic assets such as “Smart City,” it is imperative leadership and industry properly get out front of these forthcoming cyber-attacks. Cities like Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Houston, and others can lead by addressing and treating cyber-risk as catastrophic in nature; no different than a hurricane, a flood, a tornado, or a war. Not Watson (IBM), not artificial intelligence, and not even a security operations managed service is enough. They are reactive. They are not “forward-looking!”

There is one company I know well and witnessed first-hand the effective disciplined manner, in which, the principals forecast Cyber Risk. The company is called Neo Prime ( This Think Tank has spent the past five years building a robust, highly anticipatory patented method of treating enterprise cyber risk in the statistical manner that it should be. Cyber Risk is a catastrophic series of events that is imminent. If left undetected and not sufficiently modeled, attacks will lead to chaos, disruption, and ultimately major human loss. These cyber-events must be accurately forecast and managed using an enterprise-level insurance and risk methodology that is global and universally proven consistent with addressing the scalable, uncertain, and inevitable global vulnerabilities we face today.

Smart Cities have an unspoken obligation to address this senseless moral hazard that is staring them squarely in the eye. They have a unique opportunity to be the leader among their peers by pre-emptively eliminating this crippling menace. The solution of Neo Prime aligns well with the Smart City concept that integrates technology, human, and institutional frameworks. Smart Cities powered by Smart Connections unencumbered by cyber-related risk leads to tremendous economic growth.

Enough is enough. Conventional wisdom driven by the same large firms and technology point solutions contribute to our risk. Remember, Smart Cities are driven by Smart Leadership.

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