At The Risk Mediation Group we have been very fortunate to sign an exclusive sales & marketing agreement with Neo Prime Solutions, Inc. covering the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

The agreement with Neo Prime Solutions, Inc. is focused on a robust enterprise Cyber Vulnerability and Risk of Loss Forecasting model with an emphasis on distributed complex business models that are prime targets for digital bad actors These verticals extend to critical industries, hospital systems, large volume retail operations, global outsourcing organizations, public utility districts, public sector governments, higher education, energy and utilities. The Assessment provides the following:

  • Objective statistical risk modelling born out of the catastrophic insurance industry
  • Financial and statistical performance assessment of client’s existing security architecture
  • Benchmark against best practice Industry security controls and security architecture
  • Test of attacker’s full range and all pathways leading to asset damage and resulting losses:
    • Property, life, reputation, compliance, revenue, self insurance
  • Prioritize capital investment on assets and losses derived through rigorous empirical testing
  • Assesses financial and statistical performance of client’s existing security architecture
  • Establishes a Financial Hedge Strategy for the Board, Management and IT
  • ingest existing cyber security audits, penetration test results, risk-based compliance scores
  • Can be used to assess the risk of adding an acquisition to a company’s network
  • Can be used to run a pro-forma assessment against planned future state IT investment

Neo Prime Solutions, Inc. (NPSI) is a security product and technology firm providing state-of-the-art cyber risk modeling and assessments for commercial and governmental organizations, including critical infrastructure, financial and insurance companies, with the goal of minimizing financial losses from cyber-attacks. NPSI is a leading authority on methodologies, models and applications to forecast, detect, identify, assess and counter existing and emerging illicit cyber threats, and conducts advanced research and development on next generation security products to detect and protect networks against advanced persistent threats. They provide effective tools to clients to incorporate cyber risk into their business planning, while countering the threat.